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I don't know if this is relevant. No date available on source.

Extract from Sermon preached by Revd W C Lukis at the rededication of West=
Tanfield bells,

"..Mr Mallaby, who had so admirably performed the work". "Ringers should be=
on ground floor, unfortunately the bequest by the late rector had the=20
condition that ringers should be upstairs with outside access."

Lukis's notebook gives three bells, all by S S Ebor, 1695, 1724, 1685.

The present ring are a mixture of Smith and Warner bells. They were rehung =
by Whitechapel in about 1980, probably in the old frame although I haven't =
been up to the bells to confirm this. The ringing chamber is till upstairs =
with outside access - just as well; given the height of the bells from the =
ground, they wouldn't be easy if rung from the ground floor

West Tanfield is of course prime Mallaby territory - it is only a few miles=
from Masham.


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