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Dave Cawley writes the following re. Emscote:

Re Emscote. Picturesque though Mike Chester's account is, it was in fact bl=
own up after the spire had been pulled down to the lower lucarnes. It was s=
omething of a cause celebre, as it was either the last church to be dealt w=
ith under the old Disused Churches Measure or the first under the Pastorasl=
Measure 1968. I thought I had pictures of the bells going, but it appears=
that this is the old church in Middlesbrough.

However I do have full details of the frame, bells and fittings, and lookin=
g at the enlarged image you can see three sections of frame which tie in wi=
th the drawings I have. The lowest section was a fairly standard two-bell f=
rame with corner-posts and main braces, the two bells swinging side-by side=
. Above was a section containing four bells (presumably originally 1,2,3,4 =
of six, but the 2nd was clearly moved to the section above, the treble move=
d round and the new 2nd hung in its place ). The pan of this was a "hollow =
square" frame with one bell round each wall and a passage in the centre. Th=
e top frame, presumably added at the augmentation, had four cast iron High =
A's, the treble swinging E/W amd the 4th at right angles.

Taylors quoted for rehanging the old eight in a new 3-tier frame (lowside u=
pon H upon H) (=A3925) in 1945, also for recasting into a 10-cwt ring in a =
two tier frame. They requoted for recasting etc in 1958. By 1968 they had t=
he bells in store. They quoted for a new single 31-cwt bell in D, to hang i=
n the new tower; subsequently for a 3-ton bell in Bb. The tower was not bui=
lt and a small bell was provided.
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