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A substantial metal block runs along a flat plate, this plate is superbly m=

They have conventional stays, but the lower stay bolt also secures a tradit=
ional forged style wheel stay like the ones fitted to wooden headstocks. Th=
e normal type wheel plates are not present. 1953 is the date of rehang, has=
anyone seen these older wheel stays on a "modern" job?

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I undertsand that there is a set of these at Penkridge which pre-date the=
last rehang. Simon Adams will know more about them.

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I was reading a report on a (sadly no longer) Taylor six of 1894. This =
was a=20
'modern' installation in that it had a cast iron lowside frame, cast ir=
headstocks, etc. However, they stays were of normal type and the slider=
described as being 'metal blocks'. Preumably this means a metal block=20
sliding on a track. I've not seen these - can anyone describe them in d=
and provide any other example - presumably they were only used for a sh=
time before Hastings stays became the norm.


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