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I think this requires our collective expertise.

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Dear Mr Bryant,

About a year ago you were kind enough to help me with information
regarding the Hodson bellfounding family, as in 1977, I had excavated a
bellfoundry of Christopher Hodson's at Durham Cathedral dating to
1683-1684. I am now in the process (finally!) of applying for funding to
complete my research and publish this site, but before submitting my
application, Chris Pickford suggested that you might be able to help me
on certain specific matters. (1) Am I correct in believing that my
Durham bellfoundry is the only excavated example of its date? (2) Am I
correct in believing that this is the only EXCAVATED bellfoundry that
can be specifically associated with Christopher Hodson? (3) Finally, am
I also right in believing that this is the only excavated bellfoundry
for which there are contemporary contracts and other records for the
materials involved in its construction and operation?

With many thanks, in anticipation, for your comments, which will be most
very gratefully received.


Julian Bennett

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