Identification assistance

George Dawson George at d...
Sun Feb 13 10:58:55 GMT 2005

It is definitely a bell by James Barwell of Great Hampton Street,
Bells are known fron 1870 to 1920. I'd be interested to know where in
Australia it resides.


An Australian correspondent who found me through one of my Websites
has asked for assistance in identifying an old bronze bell. He
supplied five photos, which I have posted at under the album name
"Australian bell". He reports that it weighs about 25 kilos.
Apparently it has no inscription, but on the waist is a shield
surrounded by a wreath. In the four quadrants of the shield are the
letters J B J B. Based upon either this description or the style
visible in the photos, who might have made this bell? (I doubt that
it came from an American bellfoundry. :-)


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