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I would just add that the exact weight for the tenor comes from the list of Warner work published in The Builder in 1864 (haven't got chapter and verse in front of me as I am sending this from the office) - a list which also gives (inter alia) the original weight of the Warner tenor at Wing (Bucks). The weights of the other bells ar Moreton aren't given

Chris P

George Dawson <George at d...> wrote:

Pressed wrong button:

1. 25.5"
2. 26.5"
3. 27.5"
4. 31" 5.3.17 C

They are 2-5 of 6.

Ch Bell of Cheshire says:
They bear no inscriptions other than the founders name & date 1863 & the
Royal Coat of Arms on the waist of the tenor.


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