Ford vans.

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Richard Offen writes -
Probably not on this occasion, but you should have seen the pair of=20
us struggling, many years ago, to get the future treble for Preston-
next-Wingham (ex-Burham treble) into the back of a Ford van I'd=20
borrowed and up the steps into the vestry of DLC's church in Dover!=20=20=20
It was an extremely wet and stormy night and I seem to remember the=20
reverend gent uttering some most unclergymanlike oaths about the=20
design of Ford 5 cwt vans and vestry steps!

This reminded me of the time when Lis Bowden took the solid iron headstock,=
from the seventh bell at Pip & J. Bristol, to Eyre & Smith for a new gudgo=
n to be fitted.
We loaded the headstock, weighing over 20 stone according to bathroom scale=
s, into the rear of her Mini car and she drove, at night, up the M5 with th=
e lights shining into the sky, not on the road! So she said.
Dennis Powney.
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