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It's quite a time since I went to Steppingley (29 March 1980) and it was a =
fairly hasty inspection, but the basic details below should be more or less=
alright. I know the inscriptions need re-checking ... one day!

1/4 Christopher Graye, 1660 25.75" 3-3-0 E (a li=
ttle sharp)

2/4 Taylor, Robert Taylor, 1807 28" 4-0-25 D#

3/4 Taylor, Robert Taylor, 1814 30" 4-3-22 C#

4/4 Taylor, Robert Taylor, 1807 34.25" 6-3-22 B (flat=


These are contemporary Taylor weights of 1807/1814. Canons on all, but one =
of the canons is missing on the tenor. Not tuned.


Wooden frame - made locally - dating from the rebuilding of the church in 1=
859-60. Poor design - sills, long heads, end-posts and king-posts, with bra=
ces from sills to posts. Frame positioned on the east side of the tower. Be=
lls 1 and 4 swing east-west on south and north sides of the tower respectiv=
ely, with bells 2 and 3 swinging north-south in parallel pits between them.=
The rope-circle is 1,2,4,3.=20


Bells probably rehung with new fittings, also locally, in 1859-60, but repl=
aced soon afterwards. Minor repairs "to the gearing to the bells" by Willia=
m Cubitt & Co in 1868 (=A33.18.0). Fittings renewed and bells quarter turne=
d by Mears & Stainbank in 1878 for =A357.12s., by order of the architect, H=
enry Clutton. Treble headstock renewed locally in 1979

Chris P

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