St. Mary, Hornsey

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Fri Feb 25 13:45:38 GMT 2005

The bells were a complete 6 by Janaway 1775. Warner's recast the 
tenor in 1880 and rehung the bells. They were rehung by Whitechapel 
in 1930. The bells were dismantled in early 1962 after the church was 
demolished and the tower left as a freestanding structure. The bells 
were rung after the the demolition, but the tower movement was very 
severe. The plan was to store the bells, but they were subsequently 
used to provide the metal for the light 8 at St. George-In-The-East.
Tenor: 44 1/2" 15-2-11
5th: 40" 10-1-6
4th: 36 1/2" 8-2-16
3rd: 33 1/2" 6-3-16
2nd: 31 1/2" 5-2-17
Treble: 30" 5-2-12
Keynote: F

Nigel Taylor

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