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Mon Feb 28 13:47:24 GMT 2005

> Really we all need to go round with our own weighing machines. CD]

No we don't! We need to ring up John Slater and see what he has in
his personal tuning book. He was the guy who tuned and weighed them
and you'll find that the weight inside the bell is written in black,
felt-tipped pen in his fair hand! It has to be said however, that
these weights and other details were not always written in at the
time of weighing.

All I remembered was what I'd seen in WBF's tuning book many years
ago and that has been verrified by Nigel!


The weight of the bell would have been written when the bell was on 
the scales or shortly after. It would also have been written into the 
day tuning book. The figures would have been written into the tuning 
register at a later date. However, the discrepancy is clearly not 
a "typo". The cast weight was 4-3-16, so we can rule that one out. In 
short, I can throw no more light upon this and suggest that Richard's 
advice is followed: ask John Slater!
Re. David Cawley's comments on Seasalter, 3-3-1 was the cast weight 
of the tenor.
Nigel Taylor

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