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As you will see from the attached, John Hyden has strong feelings as to
why the weight recorded should remain at 3-2-27.

He has a strong argument here I believe.

Peter Humphreys
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Dear Peter,
Just a couple of further comments. More as a matter
of common-sense than as someone who has been trained to examine
historical evidence, I think I would place far greater value on the
'3-3-27' for the following reason.

It was written inside the bell. It is at least likely that the
inscription's placement there was more immediate to its weighing than
the weight given on a card which arrived towards the year-end of 1971,
some six months later. 

Shortly after the new ring was installed at Sheffield Cathedral, and at
almost the same time as the Woodchurch installation, I remember asking
one of the Whitechapel tuners about the Sheffield Tenor's recorded
weight which had appeared in the RW. This was given as thirty-four
hundredweight and seven-and-a-half pounds. (The 1976 edition of Dove
also gave this seemingly very accurate weight - although the current
edition does not.) The answer may be relevant here, especially as it
relates to the weighing equipment in use by Whitechapel at the time in
which you are interested.

The answer was to this effect: whilst the calibration of the Whitechapel
weighing equipment could be read to the nearest half-pound, its accuracy
was limited to about two pounds on either side of the weight indicated
by the scale. ie. The 3-3-27 at Woodchurch, though it may well be more
trustworthy than the other weight, needs to be understood in the context
of such a limitation.


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