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The debate about Woodchurch's tenor weight is interesting and it would usef=
ul to know the answer. One of the possibilities is that which happened to t=
he extra treble at Evesham. Its tuned weight was given to me as 4-3-18; and=
indeed it was that weight. However, it is now 4-3-16, because subsequently=
holes were drilled in its crown for the bolts to hold it to the headstock.

This does beg the question about bells that are not fitted up to headstocks=
by the bellfounders, but are provided undrilled(?) by the bellfounders to =
the independant bellhangers, for them to fit their own headstocks. If these=
bells are weighed by the foundry but are undrilled on consignment, are the=
y weighed after drilling by the bellhangers?

Andrew Higson's recent list did throw up a few differences in weights betwe=
en the published and the actual. Evesham's tenor was one. It has always bee=
n 35-3-20, but it's actually 35-2-20 according to the foundry day book. Int=
erestingly, though, 35-3-20 is written above the proper weight in now-faded=
pencil! I do not suggest the reason for this is anything to do with bell b=
olt holes.

Chris Povey
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