[Bell Historians] Woodchurch etc

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Sun Feb 27 13:18:05 GMT 2005

>From: "CHRIS PICKFORD" <c.j.pickford.t21 at b...>

> In the case of Woodchurch, a "duff" weight seems to have crept into a
> number of guides through some error. The correction (a discrepancy of 4lbs,
> as has been noted) isn't earth-shattering or significant, but we should be
> making amendments to guides in the interests of accuracy - accuracy of
> information, that is, and not necessarily accuracy of weight.
[I think it is worth mentioning that the lower weight (which Nigel Taylor
now tells us is wrong) is the one recorded on the details supplied by Mears
with the new bells and hanging on the wall in the tower at the time of my

Really we all need to go round with our own weighing machines. CD]

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