[Bell Historians] Re: Woodchurch etc

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Sun Feb 27 13:42:56 GMT 2005

>From: GRBlundell at a...
> Moving to whether it is important to change the recorded weight, Chris
> Dalton feels that I have missed the point. I'm sorry, but I think the fault
> mine - I did not make my point clear enough, and Chris missed what I was
> to say. The question is not what the weight of a given bell is, but what we
> can do with this information.

[Blimey O'Reilly! All these dozens of messages about a matter of a few
pounds. Knocks my concern as to whether or not there is a full stop on
Tarrant Hinton tenor into a cocked hat.

Just to confirm what Mr Pickford said, namely that Mr Blundell was confusing
me with someone else.

And also to say that in my forthcoming Wiltshire book I will try to ensure
that all exact weights are attributed, so that nit-pickers know who to argue
with. CD]

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