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"Be honest David, apart from pedants like us, who's really=20
interested? All most ringers want to know is 'are they ringable?'=20
and 'about how much does the tenor weigh?'!"

There is a culture of ringers being uninterested in bells and anyone who sh=
ows an interest being branded an anorak, but in matters such as this I find=
ringers can be interested especially if they are musical. Several of the r=
ingers at my home tower have shown an interest in the musical aspects of be=
lls, and we have tried pretty much all the decent-sounding combinations pos=
sible with a ring of eight - we rang a quarter on the pentatonic six a few =
weeks ago. I've also demonstrated various not-so-nice combinations, and am =
glad to say that they all agree that it really doesn't sound very nice to r=
ing the front six of an eight.

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