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Fri Jan 7 14:21:54 GMT 2005

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> Bobbie May and Kate Crennell of the Oxford D.G. have been working 
to produce
> something along the lines of a "Ringers' Guide" to the bells in the 
> D.G., including full details of weights and inscriptions. I was 
contacted by
> Kate, who had heard that I was attempting to produce Oxfordshire and
> Berkshire "lists" to update the Sharpe books. I have been able to 
supply a
> fair amount of more up-to-date information, and Kate has been able 
to supply
> me with details of some of the very recent jobs, but given the 
> who have carried out the majority of the work in those areas, we 
have pretty
> much gone as far as we can with full updates. There's certainly 
still too
> many gaps in both Oxfordshire and Berkshire to make it worthwhile me
> producing lists for either county, and I don't think that Kate and 
> have got any further either.
> Andrew Bull

The Sharpe Trust have also been helping Kate with this project.

We made the decision to publish a facsimile of Fred's Church Bells of 
Oxfordshire rather than update it, working on the priciple that much 
of the historical data was still valid and that we did not have the 
resouces to carry out an exhaustive update. 

The Oxfordshire Records Society, who published the original, tell us 
that they still receive occasional enquiries about the availability 
of the origianl book and have been most supportive and encouraging of 
this venture (it was they that we hoped might still have some unbound 
copies of the work which could be scanned, but, alas, they have not!).


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