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There was an authoritative article some years ago by CJP about these bells
in the RW. Has he, or anyone, got the reference?

As to getting them into "Dove", we had a good try when the last edition was
being produced and the Good Doctor would not hear of it. He is even like
that when bells (e.g. Chipstead, Surrey; East Dean, Sussex; Sevington, Kent)
are hung for swing chiming with full wheels (aka hung for ringing without
stays and sliders), and in good order. Sevington, thanks to the efforts of
the KCA now, after nearly fifty years, have stays and sliders.

I wrote a review of the new style "Dove" commending it to the Exercise - but
I wouldn't do it again. These daft rings of thirteen; the absence of the
listing of the three hundred or so chimes; the inconvenience caused by the
"world alphabetical list"; the "missing appendices" on which I and others
toiled hard for Ron. Shall we see them back - I wonder!


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> Not now listed in Dove, but still retaining ringing fittings are the
> Heavy Taylor eight at Baldersby.
> The ringing clappers have been removed and are attached to the wall
> in the ringing chamber, and electric hammers have been fitted
> (attached through the staple bolt hole).
> Wheels, etc still fitted.
> So should they go back in Dove as u/r?
> They would be still capable of being swing chimed if the tower was
> safe and if the clappers are refitted and repair work carried out to
> some of the wheels.
> Not a proper chime.
> The rumors about them being rung once or twice, and that of ringers
> fleeing the tower at the dedication is complete rubbish.
> Evidence exists in the tower that they were rung for a time and that
> some of the bells were rehung (some on a different type of gudgeon)
> several years after they were dedicated.
> The Tenor is an impresssive "growler".
> Alan
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