Another church for sale

CHRIS PICKFORD c.j.pickford.t21 at b...
Fri Jan 14 00:43:49 GMT 2005

I did an inspection of the three bells at Clay Coton back in 1988. They are
as described in the Peterborough Inventory, although the diameters given
there are North's. I measured them as 29", 30.75" and 33.5". The frame is
probably seventeenth century (type 6.A with 6.B trusses in the north and
south return sections). Fittings (in a poor state) by John Over of Rugby,
1810 - and quite a nice example of his work.

Looking at the particulars, I did wonder if the tower was excluded from the
sale - but it seems to be part of the property. It doesn't look as though
any of the accommodation is in the tower (though this isn't clear) - but
it's hard to see what use could be made of the space at lower levels without
having first done something to the bells. While not "ready to fall", they
needed some attention. Don't think I'd fancy sleeping in a smart new bedroom
immediately below, anyway!


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