Bells in Redundant Churches

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But why are these bells still in this tower and in others mentioned on this=
list recently, David. I sometimes feel like a voice crying in the wilde=
rness. Whatever the number of bells they should never be left in a buil=
ding for which they are not required. By this I mean in a redundant chur=
ch converted for secular use.

I am surprised that very few ringing societies take any interest make sure =
that there is a person interested in bells on the Diocesan Redundant Church=
es Uses Committee. I think they may have fallen into the trap as happened=
in Lincolnshire of thinking that the DAC Bells Adviser will take responsib=
ility for this I am afraid this isn't the case and it is high time the Ce=
ntral Council Redundant Churches Committee took an interest in this subjec=
t. Please can we have a response.
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