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But why are these bells still in this tower and in others mentioned on this
list recently, David. I sometimes feel like a voice crying in the
wilderness. Whatever the number of bells they should never be left in a
building for which they are not required. By this I mean in a redundant
church converted for secular use.

I am surprised that very few ringing societies take any interest make sure
that there is a person interested in bells on the Diocesan Redundant
Churches Uses Committee. I think they may have fallen into the trap as
happened in Lincolnshire of thinking that the DAC Bells Adviser will take
responsibility for this I am afraid this isn't the case and it is high
time the Central Council Redundant Churches Committee took an interest in
this subject. Please can we have a response.

There's not only bells in churches to take into consideration. There's a
19th century school near me for which the County Council is applying for
permission to turn into houses. There is a bell still in its cote there,
and as far as I can make out there is no procedure for such bells, which
could be used in churches.

Anne Willis

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