[Bell Historians] Oldbury, West Midlands (was Monkton, Devon)

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Tue Jan 18 19:02:12 GMT 2005

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Does anyone know the fate of the bells of Christ Church, Oldbury West=20
Midlands (10.5 cwt)? The church is still in use (as a church), but the=20
tower is let out to various companies as offices. As far as I know the=20
bells are still in the tower, but a concrete floor has been installed=20
directly beneath them. It is very unlikely that they will ever be rung=20
again (at least in that tower).

I heard a rumour that the St Martin's Guild had looked into recovering=20

Haven't we discussed this before? If I remember rightly, somebody told us t=
hat due to the concrete floor it would not be possible to ring the bells, a=
nd equally it would not be possible to get them out.

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