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I believe that the bells were ringable before the conversion took place. I
was working in the Birmingham area in 1990, and A. J. Barnfield boasted with
some pride that he had rung there; apparently there was a try-out in the

Andrew Bull

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Does anyone know the fate of the bells of Christ Church, Oldbury West 
Midlands (10.5 cwt)? The church is still in use (as a church), but the 
tower is let out to various companies as offices. As far as I know the 
bells are still in the tower, but a concrete floor has been installed 
directly beneath them. It is very unlikely that they will ever be rung 
again (at least in that tower).

It is one of the rings that is claimed by both the Worcestershire 
Association (It is the only unringable tower in the Northern Branch of 
that Association) and the St Martin's Guild.

I heard a rumour that the St Martin's Guild had looked into recovering 

Paul Marshall

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