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Hearing Jim's account of course reminds me of another ring which survived t=
he blitz - namely the Temple Church bells, Bristol, which were taken down t=
he summer after the blitz. (and are now in Bristol Cathedral). The 1887 Tay=
lor High-A frame is still in the tower. See my article in the Chredition of=
the RW.

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DLC wrote:-
>St Andrew, Plymouth, I believe, remained in the undamaged tower - the=20
>church being gutted.

They did indeed and had a remarkable escape. I rang there with Tom Myers=
and his dad G Harry Myers when the church was just a roofless shell with=
only the outside walls remaining. Tom told me that on the night of 21st=
March 1941 there was the most ferocious attack on Plymouth which followed=
one the previous night in which the church had been damaged. When the f=
brigade reached the church it was well ablaze and they realised they coul=
not save it. However, across the rear of the church, where it met the ba=
of the tower, there hung a heavy dossal curtain to keep the drafts out. =
fireman played their hoses on this curtain in a determined effort to save=
the tower and when the curtain finally went due to the intense heat, the=
fireman then played the hoses on to the wooden bell hole cover in the sto=
vaulting at the base of the tower. Fortunately the medieval craftsman wh=
built the tower had constructed a stone vault at its base where it entere=
the church, and also had made the tower louvres of stone and close togeth=
The morning after the raid Tom and his dad went up to the belfry and foun=
all the louvres blocked up with burnt wood and ashes. St Andrew's was th=
mother church of Plymouth and meant a lot to the residents of that city.

>There is a photograph of the new 1911 tenor (then 50-0-21

I was told that after the war the bell was tuned from B to B-flat in orde=
to compete with St Paul's. Is this correct?=20

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