[Bell Historians] The demise of Mallaby

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Sat Jan 22 14:25:45 GMT 2005

At 14:08 +0000 2005/01/22, Alan J.Birney wrote:
> Correction- three Taylor bells.
> Http://oxhill.org.uk/stlawrencechurch/bells.htm
>Hope the link works.

No, but it will if revised thus:
1) While a domain name (*.org.uk) is always case-insensitive, the 
rest of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) may not be, depending on the 
nature of the host computer. In this case (and on the GCNA Website), 
it is.
2) Some Web domains will work without the leading "www.", but others 
will not (as this example demonstrates). That has to do not with the 
host computer but with how the domain was defined by its owner. (As 
always, there are additional complexities behind the scenes.)

It's always better to do a copy-and-paste (if possible) than to try 
to type a URL.

>St Lawrence, Oxhill, Warwickshire I think.



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