[Bell Historians] Southwark cathedral

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Mon Jan 24 14:35:54 GMT 2005

>11, 10, 9, and 8 had false staples which were removed, and the bells 
>drilled for
>independent staples.

I've seen quite a few examples of this, where the canons have been remvoved 
but the cast-in staple retained, usually fittied with a false staple or 
reversing block because the bell has been quarter-turned. How widespread was 
this practice? Where timber headstocks have been used, it is difficult to 
see what purpose there was in removing the canons when an independent staple 
wasn't to be fitted. I've seen some quite early examples of this, such as at 
Isle Abbotts, Som, before rehanging. The bells were derelict, and the 
fittings probably dated from the late eighteenth or early nineteenth 


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