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Was the work done in the tower? If so, the exact weights given for the front
six, presumably from the 1947 retuning, will no long be correct.

Andrew Bull

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The front 6 did have canons until the 1965 rehang, and 11, 10, 9, and 
8 had false staples which were removed, and the bells drilled for 
independent staples.
When the bells were tuned, the nominal of the tenor was only lowered 
a few cycles to 476 Hz., this was the minimum amount of flattening 
(given that the bells are on a fairly thin scale) sufficient to lower 
the hum to a flat 7th. The pitch is slightly flat of old English 
concert (Bb=481), and sharp of modern, international pitch 
(Bb=466.2). There was then, no question of tuning the bells to be as 
flat or flatter than St. Pauls.
Nigel Taylor 

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