Taylors and timber headstocks

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Mon Jan 24 19:24:44 GMT 2005

How late where Taylors using timber stocks as a standard fitment? 
The 1930 Taylor rehang at St James, Clapham, N Yorks basically 
involved rehanging the bells in the existing frame, reusing the 
stocks on 1 and 2(which retain their canons) and fitting a new timber 
stock onto recast tenor (flat top bell).
Arncliffe, a few miles away were rehung by Taylors, pretty similar 
job, but a CI stock is fitted (from memory) on the tenor.
I assume Clapham to be the more recent job.
Clapham are very good, but Arncliffe not so good (but I am 
biased as I brought Clapham back into use in '86 and rang there for 
several years!)


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