[Bell Historians] Taylors and timber headstocks

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Mon Jan 24 23:41:11 GMT 2005

>How late where Taylors using timber stocks as a standard fitment? 

Taylors first used cast iron headstocks in 1892 at Egmanton, Notts. As far as I know, they became the norm almost immediately, but they did occasionally use timber instead of cast iron for canon retainers up until at least the 1950s. A new timber headstock on a flat top bell in 1930 is unusual, and was probably at the request of the customer. Taylors often put new bells onto old headstocks to save money - do you know that this headstock is from 1930? Did the previous bell have canons? Sometimes they filled in the canon recesses, but this is usually quite easy to spot.

(I'm sure people will let me know if any of the above is incorrect!)

Ben Kipling


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