[Bell Historians] Taylors and timber headstocks

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Tue Jan 25 12:26:49 GMT 2005

The discussion of Taylor cast iron headstocks has reminded me of some very 
early examples which I came across a few years ago. They are of 1892, and 
are at Nynehead in Somerset. These bells (a 16 cwt six) are in a timber 
six-bell frame of probable late Victorian date, but not by Taylor's. In 1892 
Taylor's recast the 4th of five, and fitted it and the 2nd of five with cast 
iron headstocks. The other bells have timber stocks, although they have lost 
their canons. I don't know whether or not these stocks are by Taylor's. In 
1907 Taylor's added a treble to make six, this also having a cast iron 
stock. I am sure that the stocks on 3/6 and 5/6 are of 1892 as they are 
numbered '2' and '4' respectively - if they had been installed in 1907 they 
would be numbered 3 and 5.

Has anyone looked at the record for this job in Taylor's records. I'd be 
interested to know just what of the installation is actually by Taylor's and 
what isn't, and of course who the rest is by.

Incidentally, the 1892 bell is inscribed in a very attractive script with 
ornate capitals. I've never personally seen this elsewhere, and the only 
other example which I am aware of is the tenor at Westerham, Kent (also 
1892). This bell is pictured on Dickon's site at 
http://kent.lovesguide.com/westerham.htm, where the lettering can clearly be 
seen. Does anyone know of any other examples of the use of this lettering? 
I'm sure it's fairly rare, but it must have been used at more than two 


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