[Bell Historians] Southwark cathedral

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Tue Jan 25 12:48:25 GMT 2005

>Was the work done in the tower? If so, the exact weights given for the 
>six, presumably from the 1947 retuning, will no long be correct.

Over to Nigel for this one, but I think it highlights a potentially common 
problem with quoted weights. Many bells have had their canons removed and 
been rehung in the tower without being weighed. I believe that at one time 
Whitechapel regularly rehung bells in situ and even offered churches a 
discount if the bells didn't need to go to the foundry.

The problem arises because ringers seem to like quoting 'exact' rather than 
estimated weights, and will often continue to quote pre-canon removal 
weights even when they are obviously incorrect.


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