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David is 2 years out at Nynehead, actually 1894. It was 3 & 4 of 5 that wer=
e fitted with CI stocks. The work was completed on Nov 3rd 1894. I can't fi=
nd a reference to Nynehead in the iron casting books, so it is possible the=
y were intended for another job which might explain why they are mis-number=

The first specific reference to cast iron headstocks for ringing bells was =
on 1st March 1893, these being the three headstocks for Egmanton in Notts (=
Wake up George!).

There is an earlier cast iron headstock - for Richard's Castle which weighe=
d 7-3-4 and was cast in October 1892.

E&OE, just to be on the safe side!


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The discussion of Taylor cast iron headstocks has reminded me of some ver=
early examples which I came across a few years ago. They are of 1892, and=
are at Nynehead in Somerset. These bells (a 16 cwt six) are in a timber=20
six-bell frame of probable late Victorian date, but not by Taylor's. In 1=
Taylor's recast the 4th of five, and fitted it and the 2nd of five with c=
iron headstocks. The other bells have timber stocks, although they have l=
their canons. I don't know whether or not these stocks are by Taylor's. I=
1907 Taylor's added a treble to make six, this also having a cast iron=20
stock. I am sure that the stocks on 3/6 and 5/6 are of 1892 as they are=20
numbered '2' and '4' respectively - if they had been installed in 1907 th=
would be numbered 3 and 5.

Has anyone looked at the record for this job in Taylor's records. I'd be=
interested to know just what of the installation is actually by Taylor's =
what isn't, and of course who the rest is by.

Incidentally, the 1892 bell is inscribed in a very attractive script with=
ornate capitals. I've never personally seen this elsewhere, and the only=
other example which I am aware of is the tenor at Westerham, Kent (also=20
1892). This bell is pictured on Dickon's site at=20
http://kent.lovesguide.com/westerham.htm, where the lettering can clearly=
seen. Does anyone know of any other examples of the use of this lettering=
I'm sure it's fairly rare, but it must have been used at more than two=20


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