[Bell Historians] Taylors and timber headstocks

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Only those two bells came in and no detail of any other fittings, so I woul=
d say that they were older.

WRT the all metal frame/fittings, that's harder to identify - I will have t=
o leave that one to the skills of the eminent historians who frequent my re=

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>David is 2 years out at Nynehead, actually 1894. It was 3 & 4 of 5 that=
>were fitted with CI stocks. The work was completed on Nov 3rd 1894. I ca=
>find a reference to Nynehead in the iron casting books, so it is possibl=
>they were intended for another job which might explain why they are=20

Ah well, I can't be right all the time! The danger of working from memory=
but as my notes are in Taunton I think I can be forgiven. Were the timber=
stocks on the other bells provided then, or just the iron ones?

>The first specific reference to cast iron headstocks for ringing bells w=
>on 1st March 1893, these being the three headstocks for Egmanton in Nott=
>(Wake up George!).

In a timber frame, I believe. Where was the first place where an entirely=
metal frame and metal headstocks were used together?


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