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It is a long time since I was at Nynehead but my notes suggest (quite=20
forcibly!) that the whole outfit dates from 1894, including the oak frame
for six. If six bells were intended, doesn't this make sense of the
numbering on the iron stocks? There must be a record somewhere of who the
hanger was. By far the most likely candidate would be Thomas Doble of
Taunton. Another would be John Sully of Stogumber but I am not sure of his
dates. Both, and especially Doble, normally used Taylors for bells and
other bits of kit.

You may well be right - I just wonder why only two bells out of five should=
have been fitted with CI stocks (the new bell I could possibly understand,=
but why the other? I don't think I checked, but I doubt if it was tuned. A=
t least, I can't see any reason why it would have been as the ring as a who=
le is pretty badly out-of-tune anyway). I don't have my notes here, but the=
y are probably rather scrappy anyway. I might have some photos - I'll look.=
I'll try to go and have another look next time I'm at my parents', but unl=
ess things have changed there (and I doubt it) the bells will be difficult =
to inspect as there is no floor beneath the bells. The foundation beams had=
rotted in the walls, and when this was discovered the floor between bells =
and ringers was removed, and the frame supported with acro-props from the r=
inging chamber floor. There was talk of putting some RSJs in to support the=
frame, but then it would have been necessary to ring from the ground floor=
. I'd like to go back -it's one of my favourite churches in that area. Not =
architecturally spectacular, but it has a nice atmosphere.

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