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To quote Frederick Sharpe himself " A limited number of offprints=20
were bound and with the addition of a title page issued as a single=20

Has anyone actually seen one of these? Do they really exist?

The same could be said of Herefordshire, which I think says on the title pa=
ge of the bound volume something like 'limited edition of the complete work=
issued as one volume 19??'. However, this title page seems to have been is=
sued loose with volume five to be used in the binding of the complete set a=
s one volume. Were any bound volumes of the complete set actually sold, or =
was it left up to the buyer to do this. Certainly, my copy of Herefordshire=
is made up of the five volumes bound together. It does have the title page=
, but is clearly bound from five separate books, as is made particularly cl=
ear by the fact that volume 1 was printed on different paper to the others.

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