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Thu Jul 7 11:12:26 BST 2005

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> Talks are currently taking place as to what materials to use 
as "standard",
> also what the main protocol will be for frame designs, headstocks 
etc etc
> etc. 
> Unless I'm not mistaken 99% of all rehangs and new installations 
have to be
> done on the "cheap" as neither the church or the bell fund have 
the money to
> "splash out" on gold plated bearings.
> E&S and Taylor's have the knowledge and experience between them to 
bring the
> new company forward with an almighty bang. So its worth being 
positive about
> the merger rather than condemning it and them, as I'm sure it will 
> us all in time.

No one is condemning it.

There is a marked difference in the style of hanging and fittings 
between the 2 original firms and my own personal view is that the 
E&S version is far inferior to that of Taylors. The best answer 
would be Taylors bells, fittings, tuning and hanging in combination 
with E&S prices but I doubt that is possible. It will be interesting 
to see how this can be reconciled.



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