[Bell Historians] TESCO

Brett Masters brett at ...
Thu Jul 7 09:44:21 BST 2005

"If Taylors end up dominating the quality of their work then this should be
the identity, however if it goes the other way, then Tescos fits quite well.
(Stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap).


Talks are currently taking place as to what materials to use as "standard",
also what the main protocol will be for frame designs, headstocks etc etc

Unless I'm not mistaken 99% of all rehangs and new installations have to be
done on the "cheap" as neither the church or the bell fund have the money to
"splash out" on gold plated bearings.

E&S and Taylor's have the knowledge and experience between them to bring the
new company forward with an almighty bang. So its worth being positive about
the merger rather than condemning it and them, as I'm sure it will benefit
us all in time.

Time will tell!



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