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Fri Jul 8 21:17:50 BST 2005

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> "Can Eijsbouts now predict to the pound the weight of a newly cast and
> tuned bell, or have they been cast already?!" -
> The answer to your question is "no, not to the pound". The weight 
given is 
> the specification; I will expect to receive a bell within a few 
pounds of 
> the specified weight. They will also give me, before casting, the 
> of the c of g and the moment of inertia.
> Why do you find this report amusing?
> D.J.Marshall
> TES (Co.)

It's the fact that they quoted the weights prior to casting to the 
pound, as if the weight was guaranteed - one would normally expect 
something like, "the bell will be approximately 3 1/2 cwts".

Assuming that they will use one of their standard gauges, why is it 
surprising that the foundry can give the c of g and moment of inertia 
prior to casting? I would have thought that it was pretty easy to 
predict these!



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