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> I wonder how many bellfounders operated that side of their business as
> sideline. I know the Wells of Aldbourne and James Burrough of Devizes
> were
> both general braziers and coppersmiths. The Cockeys of Frome and
> Warminster
> were also pewterers, which may have been a useful source of subsidised
> tin.
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Apologies for being a little late on this thread, but I thought my
researches in Dublin last year might be of interest to someone,

Whilst looking through the trade directories I noticed how the
description of John Murphy's profession changed over time.

The first year I looked at (1836) reported him as a 'coppersmith and
plumber', the latter description lasting only a few more years.

1849 was the first time he was listed as a 'coppersmith and bell
founder', although the directory contained an advertisement for his
bells two years earlier.

1859 the entry was extended to 'plumber, brass and coppersmith and bell
founder', and the following year it made direct reference to the advert
which had been running throughout, dropping the reference to brass.

In 1870 the changed again to 'bell founder, coppersmith and plumber',
which it remained until 1881. He died in 1879.

Although I didn't find the directories to be completely error free, it
is clear that Murphy continued his other trades throughout his working



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