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In a letter to the Editor of The Ringing World in 1989 (18 Aug, 
p.768), a correspondent mentioned that during World War II he heard 
changes from the tower of the cathedral in Khartoum, Sudan (formerly 
southern Egypt). I have not seen any further correspondence to 
clarify that mention, so I am asking this august body for any 
information that you might have.

A Web search reveals that All Saints Anglican Cathedral in Khartoum 
was built in 1904-12 near the presidential palace. In 1971, the 
Government of Sudan confiscated the cathedral building, forcing the 
Anglicans to move elsewhere. (They built a new and much smaller 
building in 1979.) The Government tore down the bell tower, 
presumably destroying or scrapping any bells which it might have 
contained; but the present-day Anglicans of Khartoum do not seem to 
know exactly what happened to them.

Does anyone know how many bells there were, or who made them, or 
when? It seems a reasonable initial guess that they were cast during 
the period of time when the old cathedral was under construction, so 
that might be a good starting point for a search of available foundry 

Incidentally, the GCNA Website now has pages for the carillons, 
chimes and rings of Africa and the Mideast which are known to me (8 
bells or more, plus the three 6-bell rings). I welcome all 
constructive criticism and suggestions (off-list, please).

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