George Dawson George at ...
Thu Jul 14 10:39:40 BST 2005

Theres nothing in JT's Records.

> In a letter to the Editor of The Ringing World in 1989 (18 Aug, 
> p.768), a correspondent mentioned that during World War II he heard 
> changes from the tower of the cathedral in Khartoum, Sudan (formerly 
> southern Egypt). I have not seen any further correspondence to 
> clarify that mention, so I am asking this august body for any 
> information that you might have.
> A Web search reveals that All Saints Anglican Cathedral in Khartoum 
> was built in 1904-12 near the presidential palace. In 1971, the 
> Government of Sudan confiscated the cathedral building, forcing the 
> Anglicans to move elsewhere. (They built a new and much smaller 
> building in 1979.) The Government tore down the bell tower, 
> presumably destroying or scrapping any bells which it might have 
> contained; but the present-day Anglicans of Khartoum do not seem to 
> know exactly what happened to them.
> Does anyone know how many bells there were, or who made them, or 
> when? It seems a reasonable initial guess that they were cast during 
> the period of time when the old cathedral was under construction, so 
> that might be a good starting point for a search of available foundry 
> records.


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