[Bell Historians] Re: Cyril Johnston biography

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at ...
Mon Jul 18 15:24:32 BST 2005

At 18:09 +0000 2005/07/17, nigelsdtaylor wrote:
>I have received a message from Jill Johnston's publisher stating that
>her new book: "Carillon" is now available.
>Details at www.jilljohnston.com

Actually, the page about the book on that Website says 
"pre-publication remarks", and it doesn't say who the publisher is or 
will be. What did the message say about that?

At 10:04 +0000 2005/07/18, Richard Offen wrote:
>I also received this e-mail. Have the publishers joined this list and
>used our e-mail addresses?

Probably not, because I have not received any such announcement 
message. Actually, that surprises me, because I did receive a recent 
announcement of another of Jill's books which IS available for 
purchase through that Website, and I had corresponded extensively 
with Jill while she was writing "Carillon".

At 13:34 +0000 2005/07/18, jimhedgcock wrote:
>Looks interesting

Yes, I'm sure almost everyone in the bell world will find it 
interesting. A few years ago, Jill read the draft of one chapter at 
a GCNA Congress, and received a very warm reception from the 
attendees. Don't be put off by some of her more unconventional 
attitudes and activities - she is an excellent writer. Explore her 
Website, if you have the time. And DO buy the book once it actually 
becomes available.



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