[Bell Historians] Thornhill

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Wed Jun 1 13:20:21 BST 2005

>I've had an enquiry regarding the history of the bells at Thornhill which I 
>was able to answer from our records, but a question arose from that which I 
>don't know the answer to.
>The old peal of 6, transferred from Mirfield were replaced by the Carr 8 
>from Todmorden. The largest four were (criminally) broken up, but the two 
>trebles never came in. At the time Dennis Greenwood was interested in using 
>them to augment Featherstone, but I see that they are still a 3.

According to Dennis' book on the bells of the Wakefield Diocese, the back 
five were scrapped. As GAD says, the treble was transfeered to Cropwell 
Bishop - probably with its fittings. The fittings of the back five (well, 
headstocks at least - Taylor 1914) were used on the back five at Sherburn in 
Elmet with three E&S Stocks on the trebles. The bells have since been rehung 
again by Taylor's, who replaced all but the 4th headstock. David Potter had 
the other 7 headstocks for a while, but they were subsequently sold on to 
HMA. I don't know what they did with them.

The church at Cross Stone, Todmorden, was derelict for a number of years 
before being bought and converted into a house. It is highly visible on the 
top of a hill overlooking the town.



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