Pitches of bells

Dickon Love dickon.love at ...
Mon Jun 13 11:10:10 BST 2005

Apologies for returning to the old subject of when F sharp is or 
isn't G flat. I notice that Brasted bells went into the Whitechapel 
Bell Foundry quoted as F sharp and returned quoted as G flat. (I 
don't yet know the tenor nominal.)

Having thought about this for a while, I am going to be implementing 
the following convention for my websites on Kent, London and 

Anything between F and F+50 will be classed as F.
Anything between F+50 and F# will be classed as F#.
Anything between F# and F#+50 will be classed as Gb.
Anything between F#+50 and G will be classed as G.
I will not be using the notes B#, E#, Fb or Cb in my nomenclature, 
nor any double sharps or double flats.

As for any notes on the cusp, hmmm, I'll take into account the rest 
of the scale.



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