[Bell Historians] Pitches of bells

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Mon Jun 13 13:52:16 BST 2005

What Dickon suggests is all well and good if applied as he explains. 
However, it is my experience that amongst ringers notes are used pretty much 
arbitraily - e.g. C# may actually be nearer to D, and Db may actually be 
nearer to C - there is no consistency. In some cases, notes tend not to be 
used - it is rare to find bells described as being in B#, E# or Gb, for 
example, so C, F and F# respectively will almost always be used in these 

With regard to the point about how the other notes are described, I think 
that they have to be described to be consistent with the note given for the 
tenor - e.g. C#, Eb, F, Gb, G#, A#, C, C# would be inconsistent and messy.



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