History of the Society of College Youths 2nd Edition

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Mon Jun 13 14:56:44 BST 2005

A new edition of the History of the Society of College Youths is to 
be published in the summer. This comprises Bill Cook's original book 
(which ended in 1985) with a couple of chapters to bring the history 
up to date. Clearly these cover the important events of the 350th 
Anniversary and the decision to admit women into the Society. The 
opportunity has been taken to correct any errors subsequently 
discovered in Bill's text and to add plenty of drawings, photos and 
pictures (some in colour). The result is a new hardback book that 
anyone interested in the history of ringing will want to possess.

For those who order before 1st JULY the book may be ordered at the 
discounted rate of £15 (including p&p). After 1st July it will cost 

To order the book, send a cheque, payable to "ASCY" to Dickon Love, 
10 Wharton Road, Bromley, Kent. BR1 3LF. 

More details may be found on 

Dickon Love
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