[Bell Historians] G flat major

Richard Offen richard at ...
Mon Jun 13 15:58:32 BST 2005

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> I thought Scriabin was a sort of beetle - especially with the 
> reference!
> Nigel's right, of course. If other temperaments are used the F#/G 
> distinction is important. I had the pleasure of playing an organ 
once that 
> had double sharp keys - one for F# and one for G flat, boy, did I 
> confused! This is probably lost on the "if it goes round and goes 
> I'll ring it" brigade though.
> Although it still grates with me, it does the essential whichever 
note is 
> used, that is to give some idea what note is being listened to.
> Andrew

Presumably Thomas Young's tuning system had lots of stretched octaves!



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