[Bell Historians] Re: Bell pitches

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at ...
Tue Jun 14 13:57:22 BST 2005

> I suppose this all goes to show that however accurate we try 
> to be in describing bell pitches, it will be lost on the 
> majority of ringers. It would be interesting do a survey and 
> ask a large group of ringers what the note of a specified 
> bell in their ring other than the tenor was. I rather suspect 
> that the majority would have no idea.

I know, David, that this is a subject you do feel passionate about, but
there's really nothing wrong with someone ringing a bell they have little
interest about as a mechanical or musical instrument. Ringers can be
passionate about different things, such as

Bell history
Ringing history
Bells as musical instruments
Musical compositions
Complex methods/grids/whatever
Physical challenges (heavy bells/long peals)
Ringing at lots of different towers

You could equally well say that however accurate we are with describing
methods as grids and explaining the theory of the recent handbell minor
peals that it would be lost on a majority of ringers. But can we expect
them to be interested in everything?

I have three degrees in music, I'm a musician and a musicologist. But I
don't have specific interests in bells as musical instruments. I guess
that's just how I am.



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