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Tue Jun 14 16:03:03 BST 2005

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> On a more general note, many people seem to find it surprising just 
> ill-informed the average ringer is when it comes to the musical and 
> mechanical aspects of bells. Musicians often tend to be surprised - 
> any other musical instrument is concerned, a reasonable degree of 
> is mandatory.

Once again you're making far too sweeping a condemnation of poor 'Mr 
Average Ringer'. 

I think you'll find that the vast majority of musicians have far less 
knowledge of their instruments and tuning than you suggest. Most 
pianists haven't a clue how a piano really works - "I press the key 
and a hammer hits the string," is about the general level of 
knowledge. Additionally, I would suggest that very few have any 
experience of temperaments other than the equal one.

My youngest daughter has Grade 7 piano and Grade 6 clarinet; she can 
tell you that three flats is E-flat, 2 sharps is D, etc., but most of 
what has been discussed about tuning methods, etc would be both 
beyond her knowledge so far and of very little interest - it 
certainly won't help her to play any of the Scriabin that Nigel 

So why keep singling ringers out as such a Philistine bunch David?



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