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Tue Jun 14 17:20:30 BST 2005

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> > If he is ringing at Perth still, he will be well acquainted with 
> elasticity. 
> > The pitch shift of the tenor due to the tower movement is enough 
> > transpose the bells from G at handstroke to F## at backstroke.
> > 
> > ADH
> Certainly am! I've just had my Tuesday evening fix of the 
> equivalent of a white knuckle ride!
> St George's Cathedral bells are the only ring I know that can 
> demonstrate a double Doppler effect: one from the bells turning 
> circle and the other from the tower sway.
> It's getting to the stage where you need to take sea sickness 
> before ringing there!
> R

I called a peal there in the 1980s and I remember feeling the floor 
move side to side as we rang.



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