[Bell Historians] Re: alternative to bells

Anne Willis zen16073 at ...
Thu Jun 16 11:42:08 BST 2005

I think that Burley-in-Wharfedale has a system that plays a recording 
of, IIRC, Redcliffe from their small tower. (I went there 20-odd years 
ago because the TC of Burley in Leeds happened to live in B-in-W and 
2+2 = a journey of about 20 miles extra to that required!)

Meriden, whose bells' ringability is a bit suspect, recorded our peal 
there in 1995 and used to broadcast part of it on Sundays. The 
speakers are certainly still in the belfry


My first memory of bells is a recording of a peal coming from a bell cote
with a single bell. I was utterly delighted and quite devastated when my
mother told me 'it was only a gramophone record'.



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